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30 Oct 2017

Good nutrition only comes from food? I’m afraid I disagree. Especially when it comes to mental health. 

Years ago when I first decided to pursue a career in nutrition I held the belief “food first”; with a wholesome and organic diet, supplements are not needed. But the...

29 Oct 2017

There is no greater feeling than waking up refreshed on a Sunday morning, arms stretched, in silk pyjamas, like a perfectly poised coffee advert. Sleep does wonders for our health. It helps to form new pathways in the brain so we can retain more information, it’s essen...

28 Oct 2017

Boo! I’ve got a geeky Halloween treat for you! And no, it's not another 'healthy' sweet recipe. 

When halloween comes to mind our health tends to be the last thing we think of.  Sweets, chocolates, horror movie nights with a bucket of popcorn and boozy parties dressed u...

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