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30 Jun 2019

Last week, I was typing up a client’s report when something profound dawned on me. In my 30 odd of years living, not once did my girlfriends, sister, mother or aunt ever share with me what their periods look like. And if that’s the case with me – a self confessed hormo...

29 Oct 2018

Sleep, environment, nutrition, movement, community, mircoorganisms and trauma are the foundations of our health. Ultimately these factors, filtered through our own belief systems and emotions, trigger our genetic predispositions and determine symptoms of health or dise...

8 Oct 2018

From contraception to genetics, the factors that affect our sex hormones (and in turn our mental health) are broad. Aside from learning why ovulation is not just for pregnancy; it’s important for our happiness, stress resilience, sleep and motivation too, the women wer...

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