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9 Mar 2020

Three days into the New Year, an email popped up that had me screeching for joy. Glamour Magazine asked for an interview. It was a surreal moment because not only is this the magazine I grew up reading, just three days before, I jotted it down into my book of manifesta...

30 Jun 2019

Last week, I was typing up a client’s report when something profound dawned on me. In my 30 odd of years living, not once did my girlfriends, sister, mother or aunt ever share with me what their periods look like. And if that’s the case with me – a self confessed hormo...

24 Jun 2019

Finally! I’m answering the number question I always get asked in my clinic, on social media and at events. What contraceptives can we all use that won’t mess up our hormones and actually work?

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