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Every item has been hand selected and approved by Kay. She uses many of these herself and recommends them to all her clients as part of her hormone balancing programme.* 


This journal is perfect for the busy and stressed woman who has yet to master meditating. Journalling is a mindfulness tool that is just as effective. Clients report back that it's easier to incorporate into their lifestyles as finding 10 minutes of silence to meditate is a rarity. Why is this important? Whatever the hormonal imbalance, excess stress hormones complicates matters. It's important to establish coping mechanisms that keep stress in check (p.s. I recommend you customise your journal with my wellbeing stickers for extra support). 

Five minutes in the morning mindfulness journal_Kay Ali hormone specialist recommendation
Five Minutes in the Morning Mindfulness journal_Kay Ali hormone specialist recommenation

Throw your frying pans out. Chances are if it's non-stick they're coated in teflon. That's a polymer, that with enough uses runs the risk of transference of endocrine disrupting chemicals into your food. Result? Possibly hormonal havoc. For sure, you can opt for stainless steel alternatives, but don't be surprised if your food sticks. I highly recommend switching to cast iron instead. While I'll admit, seasoning it before use requires a tad bit of effort, once you've got it right you'll fall in love with these pans. It's impossible to burn food on them too. Rather they add a delicious charred flavour. One tiny tip: be sure to read up on how to season and wash your skillet before use! 

For the kitchen pro, I recommend set of 8 cast iron pots, pans, griddles and roasting trays for £219.99.


I love these storage containers and so do our hormones. Swap out the cling film and roll up your sleeves for the easiest food prepping experience of your life with these. Bendy plastics such as cling film contain chemicals like BPA that cause carnage in our endocrine system. It's the first thing I recommend my clients stop buying. Using glass containers are not only friendlier for your hormones, they keep food fresher too. This means you can cut time in the kitchen and do your weeks (okay, more like four days) vegetable chop in one go. Hurrah! You can thank me later for your tidier fridge too. 


These glass water bottles are stunning. What's more is they're made consciously with materials that work in harmony with your body, unlike most plastic alternatives. The bottle is glass, the sleeve is silicone and the lid is made from wheat straw fibre granules, which is completely natural and healthy! Dressed in their stunning pastel colours, these bottles might just have you reaching for water more. This is good news for your hormones. It's important you keep your cells hydrated for optimal hormone synthesis and detoxification. 


Before you roll your eyes and think no one's got time for a spiralizer, I want you to hear me out. Green veggies are a staple in my hormone balancing programmes. That's because they contain phytonutrients that your liver relies on for efficient and healthy detoxification (yes, detoxification can be harmful if not done correctly). I'm a therapist that likes to listen to my clients and tailor the program to their needs. What I often hear is 1) there isn't enough hours in the day to chop greens for salads and 2) they're boring. Cue the Morphy Richards electric spiralizer. It's electric which means it's quick and easy. It's also fuss free to clean. And of course turning carrots and courgette into spirals and ribbons keeps your salads varied and interesting. You're welcome. 

Morphy Richards Electric Spiralizer_Kay Ali hormone specialist recommendation

There's a lot lurking around in our tap water. Most of us are aware that it's best to stick to mineral or filtered. The nasties can overburden our detox pathways slowing down effective hormone detoxification, amongst other issues.  What you might not realise is that not all filters are the same. I discovered this after noticing high levels of contaminants commonly found in tap water in client toxicology results, despite them drinking 'filtered' water. The Royal Berkley is the Rolls Royce as far as filtration systems go. It's by far the most effective on the market. 


Hello smoothie Queen! You probably won't be surprised to hear that any good hormone balancing program will include smoothies as part of their slap-dash breakfast ideas (or lunch). At least mine do. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to buying blenders; there's a lot on the market. But in my opinion, none comes close to the Vitamix. A lot of the lower end options poorly pulverise food destroying its nutrient content. That's not the case with Vitamix. There are various models available, but I like the simplicity of their personal blender. It's sleek enough not to take up too much space in your kitchen too.  


Ahh sleep. That precious time our body gets to rest and undergo deep recovery and cleansing. A good nights sleep is essential for healthy hormones. Sleep hygiene is always something I target with my clients irrespective of their health goals. Sadly, most of us struggle to avoid our tech gadgets while in bed. This is bad news because the blue light they omit suppress melatonin production, affecting our ability to drift off. I love these blue light blocking glasses. They're a bedside necessity for the late night worker, social media scroller or netflix binger!


These bags have transformed my shopping experience. Whether hormone balancing is our focus or not, we all could benefit from reducing our plastic consumption. Including our Planet! These mesh produce bags are 100% organic and reusable. I love them. They're a great way to shop for produce sans endocrine disrupting chemicals that often make up some of the plastic packaging our food is sold in. Shocking I know. The organic cotton makes these bags extra special. Sadly cotton is a 'dirty' crop; it's heavily affected by pesticides like glyphosate, which has been shown to induce carcinogenesis. Yikes. Best to stick to organic! This set comes in 3 small, 3 medium and 3 large. 


We're exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from the modern day gadgets that surround us. Research on the harmful effects to our health dates back to the 1960s. It's still very controversial with most studies only carried out on rodents. While their hormonal cycles do differ to ours, findings suggest that there is a possibility that excess EMF exposure from TVs, radios, phones and computers  dampen male fertility,  delay ovulation and effect foetal development during pregnancy.** Kay recommends the following products to help reduce exposure.

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