Wellness & Selfcare Journal

Wellness & Selfcare Journal


When was the last time you planned your selfcare routine? No... we couldn't remember either. Which is probably why taking care of number 1 is an easy thing to slip to the bottom of our to-do lists. Well... not anymore. 


This journal is made for women who want to nurture a better work-life balance and keep on top of their selfcare and wellness regime. From positive nutrition goals, to wash days, skincare routines and even reading (yes, because finding the time to get lost in a novel is a bit of a luxury these days), planning your weeks selfcare just got easier. Simply download and print off Kay's Wellness and Selfcare Journal and get planning. Afterall, we do it for managing work, kids and even our pets, so why not prioritise our wellness too? 

Dowload & print off your journal. 

Plan your wellness routine by setting your months intentions. 

Then work through each wellness intention and plot them into your weekly planner. Make sure the intentions you set yourself are reasonable and achieveable for your current lifestyle. This is about implementing gradual changes that create long lasting habits. The journal recommends planning your: 


  • Menstrual cycle: plot your due date, ovulation and when your period  has ended
  • Hours of sleep: set the time you'd like to sleep and wake up based on the hours you'd like to sleep per night 
  • Meditation: tick off your daily meditation 
  • Movement: plan your exercise or movement for the week 
  • Skincare: plot down when you intend to use special products like masks or treatments in the week 
  • Haircare: plan your wash days and treatment masks 
  • Foodcare: Kay recommends choosing just 1 nutrition goal at a time until it becomes a healthy habit. This could be as simple as focusing on your fibre e.g. 2 tbsp variety seeds a day or increasing your oily fish to 4 times a week etc. Plot down your intention for the week and thrive at your nutrition goals. 
  • Optimal nutrients: this is your daily supplement plan. 
  • Reflections: whether its practising gratitude lists, journalling or creating a vision board pop down when you'd like to do it! 
  • Blanks: there are two blank spaces in each weekly planner for you to organise specific wellness and selfcare goals such as socialising or reading. 

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