Halloween could be harmful for heart health. And no, it's not just down to sugar.

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Boo! I’ve got a geeky Halloween treat for you! And no, it's not another 'healthy' sweet recipe.

When halloween comes to mind our health tends to be the last thing we think of. Sweets, chocolates, horror movie nights with a bucket of popcorn and boozy parties dressed up in our best halloween costumes tends to be the running theme. Needless to say, all that sugar isn't great for our wellbeing. But what if I told you there's something else that could be harmful for our health that we probably don't even realise?

I stumbled across an interesting piece of research on the effects of Halloween that I just had to share. A study showed that blood curdling movies might actually curdle blood! Apparently, it’s down to our evolution. The researchers claim that we developed a coagulation response (that’s to say our blood thickens and clumps together) in preparation for an attack for better chances of survival. Think about it; the quicker our blood clumps together, the quicker a wound can stop bleeding and heal.

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Blood on hands. Photography by Ian Espinosa.

Here’s the really cool bit – levels of coagulation factor VIII (an essential blood clotting protein that is activated in response to injury) increases by 57% in participants watching a horror movie. That’s astonishing! But on a more serious note, if you do suffer with cardiovascular issues you might actually want to lay off spooking yourself this Halloween. Abnormally high levels of coagulation factors increase risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

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