Are our mobile phones making us diabetic?

If you’re anything like me, separating from your cell phone is enough to trigger a serious case of FOMO. iMessages, emails, whatsapp texts, tweets, DMs on Instagram and let’s not forget old fashioned phone calls too. Two seconds away from my phone can feel like a lifetime of information I’m missing out on. It’s awful, I know. At the same time, this constant need to check it has turned me into a slave for communication. It’s a total love-hate relationship; I literally cannot live with or without my phone.

Well sadly, my relationship with it has just got a lot more toxic. According to a study published in the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, my phone could be wreaking havoc with my blood sugar levels (so much for being sugar-free). Apparently, exposure to the electromagnetic field radiation from activated cell phones for a mere 15 minutes over a period of 3 months, increases fasting blood sugar and insulin; increasing with it risk of insulin resistance or diabetes. Lovely. It’s yet another reminder that our health isn’t just about eating well and exercising. Our environment is a major factor too.

Kay Ali, Registered Nutritional Therapist & Co Founder of You Need A Nutritional Therapist.

Header photograph by Lin Zhizhao.

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