The Hormone List: Oestrogen 101

The Hormone List_by London Nutritionist Kay Ali. You Need A Nutritional Therapist Ltd.

Over the course of the next few weeks I’m going to share with you everything you should know about sex hormones beyond the world of pregnancy in a super simple way that anyone could understand it. I’m calling the series The Hormone List, because, well… I’m going to reel off some interesting facts much like reading a list (genius, I know). First up? Oestrogen.

  • What is it? A sex hormone. There are 3 types in fact. E1 mainly produced after menopause. E2 prominent in women of childbearing age. E3 predominant in pregnancy.

  • Where is it made? Ovaries, testes, placenta, adrenal glands and fat tissue (yup, your fat makes it too!)

  • What does it do? Tells our cells to grow.

  • Where does it work? Anywhere in the body that has oestrogen receptors.

  • What are oestrogen receptors? Doormen that manage how oestrogen acts. There are two; ER alpha increases the oestrogen action; ER beta beats its action down.

  • Where are oestrogen receptors found? ER alpha is found in the central nervous system aka brain, cardiovascular system aka heart, uterus, ovaries, breast tissue, bone tissue and even your liver (at this point, I’m thinking why do we even call them sex hormones? Clearly, they do so much more than support baby making). ER beta is also found in the brain, cardiovascular system, bone, uterus, ovaries, breast tissue and even our gut!

  • What does this mean? The oestrogen we make impacts all these areas of our health. Not just reproduction. Tune in to my next post tomorrow to find out what happens when the balance isn’t right.

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